To All E-Youth members,
The Mysterious treasure Hunt had been postpone to the first week of July (4/7/09). Do invite your friends to join us because this will be a very fun and exciting event. As for those who had already invited your friends please let them know that the date had changed.

Hope to see you all and God Bless You.:P

Eileen :)

about us?

A christian community =] The place that the youth share their problems and overcome it with the word of god. It is also a community that help the teenagers to grow in physically, mentally and SPIRITUALLY!



营会主题:~ 品格新人王 ~
营会日起16/12/2009 ~ 19/12/2009
( Wednesday ~ Saturday )
营会地点Broga Camp Site ( Semenyih )
营会费用RM160 before 7/11/2009

Talk Talk~