Hihi all! :D
Tis post r about the activity on 24/10/2009! :P
At 4pm we shared about bible story! :D
if i m not mistaken is Genesis 6

After worship , sketch n sharing~
we ready to go to the opposite park!
Daniel , Elijah n Samuel all mix together
den reform 3 group :D

Daniel Group sharing ~ :P
): i m not in the picture!! WHY?!!
* bcos i m late * :x

Eileen! Our Vice E-youth Leader!

Aeron : Dun near me!! I will take the water n pour on u! xD

Group 1 2 3!

Group 2!~

Group 3!

Xue Er n Melody!
Melody *promoting the Cup*

O__o.. everyone r plying with the cup!

Rainnie : Ahhhh so pain! billy ur head knock-ed my head!!
* see kang lim so happy *

Keith n Benjamin!
Ben : See my teeth so white ! :D

Li Yin : Benjamin my teeth r better than urs! :P

Wow! so geng! +U+U!

Yan Ci n Fiona!

Rachel : HEHE! both of them cannot see wat i do! :P

After Game ~ we back to our own group n share :D
shhhh! Elijah Group r praying! (:

P/s - Tis Week 31/10/2009 No Youth due to got BBQ! :D
P/s - BBQ time changed to 7.00+pm due to school replacement!

-Yen Ming-

Hello all! :D
sorry for so late only post for 17/10/2009 !
below r the picture of the day! :P *enjoy*

Daniel's members! :D
* look wat billy doing!! *
he using his butt to hold the bottle! wahahaha

Samuel - Take 1

Samuel - Take 2! :P Rachel n Yan Ci

wah~ so strong! 1 hand pick up the chair! :X

Keat Hin looking at hu??? :S

hmmm.. no comment for tis picture xP

Aeron : tis potato nice! wan try? :P
Keat Hin : nooo nooo i dun wan!! );

* Run *

Billy +U+U! xD

Ahhhh.. i m trying my best :X

Jun Jer pose banyak nice! wakaka! :X

The 2nd game :

Daniel's boy members! :D
wow zhe kai run so fast xP

O_o.. billy emoing!
Fiona too happy until dance? LOL :P

Lee jin : ahhh dun take my picture! i very shy! xD

Bin Wu : i also wan to ply! );

Awww.. half of Daniel members Pawned! :X

-Will try my best to post 24/10/2009 asap! :D

Harlo guys! :P
its me again~
Saturday we played indoor telematch (:
the games r fun ! full with laugh :D
Everyone laugh non stop~ lOl :X
ok lets start our 1st game! the game same like paper , scissors n stone!
but we have to do the action tat had been set by the leaders! :D

1st match : Daniel Vs Elijah

Daniel Vs-ing Elijah!
Kang Lim r sesat-ing~ :P hahah!

Aeron came to disturb Daniel vice leader :X
Daniel's members r ready to fight with Elijah! :D

Elijah's members r ready too!
Fuiiyoohh! look at kai jin! so fierce! *Scary*

Daniel Won for the 1st match! ^^
*GRATS Guys!*

2nd match : Daniel Vs Samuel

Samuel r discussing!
*Amy so serious discussing with Rachel *
but keith r so enjoy? LOL! :P! hey hey Keith u should join them! xD

Aiya Wendy~ no nid shy! :P look at the camera n say "CHEESE"!

* Er.. the girl with blue shirt doing wat? *
Picking something? picking coin!!
( ok tat is me! i dunno wat i m doing too ) xD

3rd match : Elijah Vs Samuel

* Jia You Jia You! *

*Lee Jin headache ! dunno wat should do * :X

Samuel : Wizard!

*Yan Ci so cute!* (:
Kang Lim hand shake cause Yan Ci looks blur! xD

look at the camera ma! haiyo! dun b shy~ :P

Daniel's 4 leng luis! *LOL*
Ok not include me! :P

Daniel's boy members r so tired after Vs both Group! :D

i dunno why elijah vs elijah O:

Elijah Leader - Aeron
Aeron : Elijah look at here! say Cheese! :D

Second Games! Banana Game!

Daniel , Samuel n Elijah!
Chi Yan +U , Amy +U , >> cant see hu is tat O: but +U too! ^^

Chi Yan n Fiona

Daniel Leader - Kang Lim
Kang Lim : Daniel Boleh! :P

ok stop here!
Hope u guys enjoy reading tis post! (:
Next Sat Daniel Sketch! woots!

-Yen Ming-

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