here r the pictures! :D


Our big brother! - Bin wu -

Melody with the bomb hair xD

Aeron the Nerdy! :P

Elijah's members Fashion show! :D

Daniel's girl members! (:

Daniel's vice leader! Billy! :D the nerdy!

Joyce - Daniel's vice leader with aunty yoke ling's dress! :X

The leader of Daniel~ Kang Lim ~

Samuel member - Mei Yih -

Keith ~ the tomato ~ xD

Amy ~ Samuel member ~ *Special Nerdy Girl*

Rachel ~ Samuel's vice leader

Fuiyohhh the cow boy! -Lee Jin-

Samuel's member -Ethel-

Hock Ming! :D ~Samuel's member~

The leader of Samuel! -Keat Hin-

Samuel ! +U (:

Elijah! :P
From left
Pei shi , Yan En , Rainie , Melody , Xue Er , Yen Tung n nicholas


about us?

A christian community =] The place that the youth share their problems and overcome it with the word of god. It is also a community that help the teenagers to grow in physically, mentally and SPIRITUALLY!



营会主题:~ 品格新人王 ~
营会日起16/12/2009 ~ 19/12/2009
( Wednesday ~ Saturday )
营会地点Broga Camp Site ( Semenyih )
营会费用RM160 before 7/11/2009

Talk Talk~