Coming tis Saturday r outdoor activity (captainball)
so pls wear sportshoes ~ :D
n invite ur frens to join us! ^^

c u guys there!


Click it to see clearly! :D

Youth Camp 2009! (:

anyone noe wat they looking? o.O

Kang Lim : Peace! ^^v
Kai Jin : ==" dun kacau me! i wan sleep! :P *ZzZ*

Aeron : ^^

Everyone discussing what to pose :P

Bin wu : ready?! :D

Jiun Jer : ahhh i dun like the food! xD

Aeron : i m not ready yet!! :X

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

Kai Jin : aiyahh! u curi snap my pic!!

Yea! :P

Kai Jin : i m so good! help ppl to wash plate! xD n clean up

Siesta time!
melody : yeng pose! :P

Amy telling something to rachel! O.o
can share with us? :P

Bin wu! :P

Free style! :)

*more picture will b upload*
Thx Clement Tee for the pictures!

-Yen Ming-

Our yearly youth camp has arrive..
So on Wednesday (16/12/2009) u guys must reach church at 9.30AM (:
Pls dun b late :D
we will back to church on Saturday (19/12/2009) at 1.00pm ;D

The Things u nid to bring :

1) Blanket
2) Jacket
3) Dark colour T- shirts { due to many of the games r involve with water }
4) Slipper { u nid to go down to the pond/lake }
5) Sport shoes { for ball games }
6) mosquito repellent 驱蚊剂
7) Bible
8) Notebook n Pen
9) Torchlight { for games }
10) Bottle { to refill ur water }

Blue = Must
Purple = If u got
P/s : pls not to bring expensive stuff..

if i miss write sumthing important pls tell me! TY (:
-Yen Ming-

here r the pictures! :D


Our big brother! - Bin wu -

Melody with the bomb hair xD

Aeron the Nerdy! :P

Elijah's members Fashion show! :D

Daniel's girl members! (:

Daniel's vice leader! Billy! :D the nerdy!

Joyce - Daniel's vice leader with aunty yoke ling's dress! :X

The leader of Daniel~ Kang Lim ~

Samuel member - Mei Yih -

Keith ~ the tomato ~ xD

Amy ~ Samuel member ~ *Special Nerdy Girl*

Rachel ~ Samuel's vice leader

Fuiyohhh the cow boy! -Lee Jin-

Samuel's member -Ethel-

Hock Ming! :D ~Samuel's member~

The leader of Samuel! -Keat Hin-

Samuel ! +U (:

Elijah! :P
From left
Pei shi , Yan En , Rainie , Melody , Xue Er , Yen Tung n nicholas

hello guys! (:
i m sooooo sorry for never update!
here r the short update! hope u guys dun mind! ^^

Last Saturday was a special day for youth! :b
Everyone nid to wear nerd or 1960 outfits ~
6pm, we had our candle light dinner at 5th floor
everyone got a pieces of Chicken chop with ur choice of sauce
*yum yum*
after dinner, we played 2 games!
den worship den listen to binwu! :D

below r some picture on tat day! (:
*there are more picture* b patient ok? ^^

Daniel! :D
top from left : Joyce, Wendy, Josphine, Chi yan , Fiona n Yen Ming (:
below from left : Billy (vice leader) , Kang Lim ( leader of Daniel ) n Lee Han ^^

Daniel! :D

Billy , Hock Ming n Bin wu!

From left : Chi yan , melody , Xiao Yi , Xue Er , Rainie, Wendy

Pei shi , Fiona n Ethel

Cameraman : Eileen! (:
Thx for the pictures!

Hihi all! :D
Tis post r about the activity on 24/10/2009! :P
At 4pm we shared about bible story! :D
if i m not mistaken is Genesis 6

After worship , sketch n sharing~
we ready to go to the opposite park!
Daniel , Elijah n Samuel all mix together
den reform 3 group :D

Daniel Group sharing ~ :P
): i m not in the picture!! WHY?!!
* bcos i m late * :x

Eileen! Our Vice E-youth Leader!

Aeron : Dun near me!! I will take the water n pour on u! xD

Group 1 2 3!

Group 2!~

Group 3!

Xue Er n Melody!
Melody *promoting the Cup*

O__o.. everyone r plying with the cup!

Rainnie : Ahhhh so pain! billy ur head knock-ed my head!!
* see kang lim so happy *

Keith n Benjamin!
Ben : See my teeth so white ! :D

Li Yin : Benjamin my teeth r better than urs! :P

Wow! so geng! +U+U!

Yan Ci n Fiona!

Rachel : HEHE! both of them cannot see wat i do! :P

After Game ~ we back to our own group n share :D
shhhh! Elijah Group r praying! (:

P/s - Tis Week 31/10/2009 No Youth due to got BBQ! :D
P/s - BBQ time changed to 7.00+pm due to school replacement!

-Yen Ming-

about us?

A christian community =] The place that the youth share their problems and overcome it with the word of god. It is also a community that help the teenagers to grow in physically, mentally and SPIRITUALLY!



营会主题:~ 品格新人王 ~
营会日起16/12/2009 ~ 19/12/2009
( Wednesday ~ Saturday )
营会地点Broga Camp Site ( Semenyih )
营会费用RM160 before 7/11/2009

Talk Talk~